10 Advice Help You Survive Animal Attacks

If you are very interested in camping and hiking activities, you should know some important information about surviving animal attacks like mountain lions, large cats, dogs, wolves, snakes, and bears, even it is rare to happen. Thus, you have to take Some Procedures;


Some protection procedures should be taken;

1: Bring supplies that can help you like bells, a knife, pepper spray, a snake stick and extra clothing

2: Wear protective clothing such as tall hiking boots, long sleeves, long pants, and gloves.

3: Ask for a field guide and information from the local parks department to find out about the wildlife in this area, and if any attack has been recorded.

4: Wear a bell or other noisemaker to scare off attacking animals that might be nearby.

5: Don’t run, Mountain lions don’t want to attack prey that will fight back.

6: Avoid cubs as mother bears will attack viciously to protect their young.

7: Avoid eye contact with the wolves, as it is considered as a sign of aggression.

 8: keep an alert for snakes to avoid an encounter.

9: Use the snake stick to fend off the snake if it approaches.

10: Use first aids if you or your companion are bitten, don’t attempt to suck the venom from the wound.