10 Bans and Restrictions By Law You Can Only Find in North Korea

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Perhaps you have been curious about what goes on backside the North Korean border? It’s probably the most secretive regimes on the planet. But with the help of North Korean spies and defectors, we are lucky enough to discover at least a little information about the daily life and activities inside the kingdom of North Korea.

North Korea is known as a mythological region, which means, because of the loss in facts and info, dozens of myths can be found about this country. However , many of these myths in the end became true.

This all makes everyone of us interested in finding out some more regarding the citizens of North Korea and their way of living and habits.
Here we are going to talk about 10 daily routines and lifestyles which are prohibited in North Korea.


1. American Fashion (Men’s Clothing Outfits or Clothes for Women)

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The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un made jeans along with other brands of Western shirts or dresses illegal by law inside a couple of cities near to China. He is doing this to get rid of the effect of the American lifestyle and modern culture coming from their next door friend.

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