10 Bans and Restrictions By Law You Can Only Find in North Korea

Perhaps you have been curious about what goes on backside the North Korean border? It’s probably the most secretive regimes on the planet. But with the help of North Korean spies and defectors, we are lucky enough to discover at least a little information about the daily life and activities inside the kingdom of North Korea.

North Korea is known as a mythological region, which means, because of the loss in facts and info, dozens of myths can be found about this country. However , many of these myths in the end became true.

This all makes everyone of us interested in finding out some more regarding the citizens of North Korea and their way of living and habits.
Here we are going to talk about 10 daily routines and lifestyles which are prohibited in North Korea.


1. American Fashion (Men’s Clothing Outfits or Clothes for Women)

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The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un made jeans along with other brands of Western shirts or dresses illegal by law inside a couple of cities near to China. He is doing this to get rid of the effect of the American lifestyle and modern culture coming from their next door friend.


2. Pepsi and Coca-Cola

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As a result of US sanctions, Coca-Cola and Pepsi are not selling their stuff within North Korea. Actually, U.S. Media has reported that there are no more than two places on the planet where Pepsi Coca-Cola are not selling. These two places are North Korea and Cuba.

That being said, it is revealed that several high end supermarkets in Pyongyang easily provide Coke that is manufactured in China.

3. Hairstyles

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Kim Jong-un enables just less than eighteen haircuts for ladies of all ages and less than fifteen for guys. Not one of the hairstyles allow an alteration in hair color, therefore it tend to be seriously difficult to get hair dye in this country.


4. Sanitary pads

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tampons and sanitary pads might not be accessible on the market in North Korea. Females usually make use of the old-school pads.

5. Condoms

Almost all kinds of birth prevention are disallowed in North Korea, and for that reason finding a condom is an extremely challenging job. Lots of adult North Koreans definitely will happily accept condoms as a personal gift.

6. Property

The government of North Korean completely is the owner of the legal rights to property and real estate. Because of this it is pretty much not possible to invest in buying and selling houses or apartments. Even so, the citizens of North Korea have discovered tactics to be able to do it, that resulted in the reducing of the laws and regulations last months.

7. Christmas trees

North Korea is known as an atheist nation. Almost all types of religious activities are banned or even seriously supervised through the government. This is why, it is seemingly impossible to purchase or have any kind of Christmas decorations just like Christmas trees.

8. Cable TV

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You will find no more than 4-5 official TV stations to choose from in North Korea. Censorship by the government is extremely solid and it will never enable any other kind of television.

9.Western magazines

North Korea prohibits almost all types of international media content. The government and particular agencies manage and keep track of what could be published in the press. You can find no lifestyle newspapers or magazines, and what a North Korean could possibly read will probably be of an academics or governmental “juche” character.

10. Wi-Fi and international calls

Just about five million North Koreans from a society of 26 million, have a mobile phone. And yet, it’s possibly that they never make worldwide text message or calls. Additionally, you will find limitations on the access to the 3G network. Foreign people going into this country could get a pre-paid SIM card to be able to make calls to foreign countries only.

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