4 Mistakes That Really Damage Childhood of Your Children

1. Treating Them As Adults


You have to accept that your “children” are not adults or mini-adults.They are not able to process information or even think abstractly, so they are not emotionally or mentally mature. Thus, my advice is to internally low your expectations about your children behaviors, even still trying with them to modify their behaviors. Try to reduce taking them places where you know toddler’s behavior isn’t accepted or tolerated. However, If you have to, prepare to keep your child entertained with his age appropriate toys and videos.


2. Over Scheduling


The problem that almost all children around the world have is being involved in crazy schedules. Children go to school all day long, have after school activities for several hours every night, and then hours of homework once they get home, It sounds so crazy! As an adult, you need your space of time but your children have zero free time! It’s great to push minds and bodies for growth, but over scheduling is useless for your kid, actually.


3. Physical Or Emotional Abuse


The physical and emotional abuses can cause a damage parents don’t even realize they are doing it to their child. There aren’t anyone’s words who can harm and affect a child more than the words of his/her parent. This is because words stick like glue in their minds and cannot be erased once they are said.

4. Pressure To Succeed


Parents nowadays are not wanting the best for their kids is one thing, but wanting their kids to be the best regardless their real abilities. Pressuring your children to succeed has many side effects such as being less likely to develop their own, more sustainable, motivation. So, you should encourage them instead of pressure.

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