Top 10 Coldest Countries in the World Ever

Discover Top 10 coldest countries in the world ever, here we go;


5. The United States of America



Alaska which is the most northern part of The United States of America is the coldest temperatures last for around nine long months. The coldest is gets is at minus 62.2 degrees and anyone stuck outside with even a slight breeze in that temperature would be in risk of death.

4. Canada



Temperatures in Canada can drop to as low as minus 39 degrees, and the fact that it is very windy does not help at all.

3. Russia



The minimum falls are to about minus 27 degree Celsius. The maximum temperature in January of Russia is minus 8 degree Celsius.The summer has a maximum of 3 degrees.

2. Greenland


The average temperatures remain at approximately minus 9 degrees and the hottest months are spent at 7 degrees. There’s no sunlight entering the atmosphere for this country they say is covered by a massive ice sheet.

1. Antarctic

Iceberg Icebergs Majestic Antarctica Antarctic Ice

It is the coldest continent in the World. With minus 89.2 degree Celsius, This is a killing degree for sure. The biting dry winds and precipitation are torturing your existence.