8 Food To Eat During Pregnancy If You Want A Fair Skin Baby

Of course, every pregnant woman has a real desire of having a fair skin complexion baby, these 8 food types will help you for the fair complexion of your fetus and you definitely got a fair baby.


1. Saffron Milk, It is supposed that saffron milk can recover the fairness of the baby complexion.

2. Coconut Pregnancy Benefits, the white kernel of the coconut will play an important role in the fairness of your child complexion.

3. Milk Especially in Pregnancy First Trimester, milk is very important for a pregnant woman and for the growth of the fetus.

4.Eggs, as a pregnant woman, you should take egg white in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy if you want to have a fair child.

5. Almond, it can help a pregnant woman to deliver a fair baby.

6. Ghee, from one hand, it can help the pregnant woman to have a not as much of painful delivery.  From the other hand, this ghee helps improve the color of the skin for the fetus.

7. Oranges, orange is the best fruit for pregnant women as vitamin C is important for the development of the baby and also to recover the skin tone.

8. Pineapples, a glass of fresh pineapple juice one time in a week will give you the amount you need of vitamin C will help in recovering the color tone.



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