12 Facts You Don’t Know about Adele

If you are a fan of Adele, you may like to know these funny and interesting new information about your preferable star;


  1. Adele is not a neck name, it is her real name “Adele Laurie Blue Adkins”.
  2. She certainly seems to be a fan of the classic singers.
  3. She was named Billboard’s ‘Artist of the Year’ for two years running 2011 and 2012.
  4. She began singing since she was four.
  5. She has won 86 awards, including 13 Billboard music awards, 10 Grammys, 1 Oscar, 1 Golden Globe and 2 Glamour Women of the Year awards.
  6. For twenty-three weeks her album ’21’ spent at number one in the USA, making it the longest running in that top spot since 1985.
  7. Adele said that ‘her goal in life is ‘never to be skinny’. She believes that music should be made for ears, and not for eyes.
  8. She branded herself as ‘a feminist’and said that she believes in equality for everybody, regardless of gender, race or sexuality.
  9. In 2011, Adele underwent throat surgery which her doctor blamed on her smoking habit. In 2015, she quit smoking and admitted that she believed it would have killed her eventually.
  10. She suffers from homesickness when she is away from London.
  11. If you wonder why her album names are mostly just numbers, they represent her age when the albums were made. She wrote the material for ’19’ when she was 19 years old, and so on.
  12. Adele and her husband Simon sued paparazzi during a family outing, then they won the case in 2012.

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