4 Crazy Things Love Can Affect Your Body

Do you know that you really can be” drunk in love” according to scientific facts? Let’s take a look about 4 crazy things love can affect your body;


1: Love Can Change The Activity of Your Brain

A Scientifical study showed that falling in love activates the brain’s reward center. On the other hand, breaking up decreases activity in the reward center, and also causes sharp decreases in activity.

2: Love Fades Your Pain

A study found that people’s pain decreased more when they were shown photos of loved ones. Love fades your pain and makes you able to cope with different problems.


3: Love Protects Your Heart

Some Studies approved that married people are less likely than singles to have heart attacks, regardless of the age.  Married people are also significantly less likely to smoke and engage in other unhealthy habits than singles.

4: Love can Stay For Life

The researchers found similar activity in certain brain regions among longtime happy couples and among couples who had recently fallen in love. This for may be the reason that some couples stay deeply in love for decades like new couples.


Have you ever been ” drunk in love”? Do you agree with the previous explanation? Share us your opinion.