4 Strange Historical Coincidences That Would Surprise You

The history is full of hilarious coincidences that might make you scratch your head, Read On;

1. Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy

The two America’s most beloved presidents share a number of similar accidents and facts; They both share the same tall which was over six feet. Both were military men. Both suffered from genetic diseases. Finally, both met their ends on a Friday by an assassin’s bullet in the head while they were seated next to their wives.

2. Johnny Bravo Predicted September 11,

This episode of Johnny Bravo just published five months before the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001.


3. Predicting The Titanic Sunk

A novella written by Morgan Robertson predicted the ship’s demise fourteen years before the Titanic sunk in the North Atlantic. The ship in this novella was called “Titan“. This Titan was described as “unsinkable”, had a similar length, suffered from a shortage of lifeboats and struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic.

Wearing red could give you a boost in sports

Researchers discovered that home teams wearing red were more likely to win, while teams wearing yellow or orange were the least likely to come out on top.