4 Ways To Boost Your ‘Happy Hormone’

Happiness is related to certain hormones which are Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, Estrogen, and Progesterone. These hormones can control your feeling of happiness. Fortunately, These hormones can be boosted in some ways. Read on;

1. Hugs


Hugging persons you trust for thirty seconds will give you a bonus of Oxytocin. Try to be comfortable in your hugging position, relax your body on the one you hug. Do it sincerely and kind for 30 seconds.

2. Stay Calm


Activities that force you to stay in a calm mood such as meditation, praying, listing to soft music, writing your notes or diaries can raise the estrogen levels in your body. Low estrogen levels are considered a major reason for depression and anxiety.

3. Diet

Healthy Food Food Dietetic Jar Of Pasta Power

Adding some components to your diet can guarantee higher progesterone levels such as; mussels, dark chocolate, spinach, asparagus, eggs, salmon, legumes, nuts, avocado and dark chocolate.

 4. Aromatherapy

Sticks Aromatherapy Scent Fragrance Aroma Aromatic

Aromatherapy can create a brief euphoria that masks physical pain.The scents of vanilla or lavender are great to increase your happiness hormones.


Would you try to raise your happiness hormones?