5 Differences Between The Male and Female Brain

Many scientific studies and researches proved certain differences between a male and female brain. However, I still believe that every single man and woman have their own characteristics which make each one different from the other. In this article, I’m going to present some proven differences between a male and female brain;

1: A Single Task Brain VS A Multiple One

Men brains tend to focus on only one task, keeping other unrelated information or things away. They seem to be so busy minded when they work, play, or watch TV, as they deal with things from a very narrow view. In contrast, women brains are multitasking. They can think in many tasks in the same time, without feeling confused, as their view is always wider than men.

2: Men Think Slower, But More Analytic

When men are encountered by a question, for example, they need much more time than women to think about it. They start to analyze the whole dimensions of the question and search for the appropriate answer. The process is very different in women brains, as they can easily relate things to their feeling and determine what they really want. It’s really frustrating for a woman when asking her man about something definite for here, and he still doesn’t know the answer.

3: Men Think Logically, Women Think Emotionally

I mentioned in the very beginning that every man and woman have their unique features. However, the majority of men think logically. They adopt the rational concepts in their lives. In Contrast, women like to think emotionally about things.

4: Men Can Shut Down Their Brains, Women Never Can

Men have an amazing ability to think about nothing, especially after mental and physical efforts. They simply can shut down their brains like shutting down your computer, and think about nothing, that may seem to be very weird to women who think in every single moment of their lives.

5: Handling Problems

When a problem encounters a man, it’s not easy to share it with others, except he needs a real advice from someone. He can stop thinking about it and watch TV or complete his day normally, then he is going to think about it quietly and wisely. A woman needs support when having a problem, even if that problem is forgetting to put makeup in the morning! She tries to share her problems with friends and may her husband who start to feel how crazy she seems to be.


If you know or even think about any other difference between a male and a female brain, please inform us and share us your opinion.