5 Health Benefits Push You Eating Dark Chocolate

Many People think that the word” Chocolate” holds a lot of harmful and unhealthy meanings, I’m surprising you it is not, especially when we speak about dark ones. This article is presenting five proven scientific and healthy facts about dark chocolate.

1: It is full of antioxidants that may protect you from heart disease


A study showed that cocoa and dark chocolate contained more antioxidant activity, polyphenols and flavanols than other fruits. Dark chocolate is loaded with organic compounds that are biologically function as antioxidants. These include flavanols, polyphenols, among others.

2: It Helps Skin Hydration



Researches showed that those who eat dark chocolate have denser skin and fewer wrinkles others. Highly flavanol levels dark chocolates can protect your skin against harmful UV rays, according to research from the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, so you may like to chow down some dark chocolate especially on beach days.

3: It lowers Blood Pressure


It is Proven that Dark chocolate helps improve blood flow to the heart, lower blood pressure and make blood platelets less likely to form a clot as the flavanols in dark chocolate can stimulate the endothelial to produce Nitric Oxide. This (NO) is one of the essential elements to reduces blood pressure.


4: It can Improve your Mental Performance

According to A University of Nottingham study, eating dark chocolate can increasing your alertness for two to three hours. Cocoa, Which is a main element in dark chocolate, contains stimulant substances like caffeine and bromine, which may be a key reason cocoa can improve brain function in the short term.

5: It Raises Good Cholesterol (HDL)


researches showed that the polyphenols in dark chocolate can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is lowering the harmful cholesterol (LDL) and raising the antioxidant capacity of healthy cholesterol (HDL).



It is amazing to know these wonderful healthy benefits  about a kind of food, especially it is not an ordinary kind, It is “chocolate”! are you so excited like me?!