5 Secrets Make Your Profile Picture Photo Attractive

Many internet applications require a photo for completing your profile. All of us start to open our gallery and search for the best one to use, especially on facebook. I think you are going to be interested to know some information to make your profile picture more attractive and show you as a shining star.


1: Use An Out Door Photo


In comparison between indoor photos and outdoor ones, outdoors win.

2: Use on with extraordinary back ground


If you travel to a new where, if you are on the beach, or if you are in a special event, you should snap a photo . That photo will be very suitable to be a profile picture.


3: Smile In Teeth


Photos with smiles always catch the eyes and are considered to be best photos ever. So, your photo should be in a real teeth smile, but don’t be fake.

4: A Full Body Photo

New research shows that even if your face is pretty, a full body photo still more attractive. So, keep searching within your full body photos.

5: Special Clothes With Dark Colors


Dark colors always seem to be more attractive and smart. Your style of clothing should be for sure in your attention when choosing your profile picture.