5 Simple Tricks Help Charging Your iPhone Battery Well

If you have an iPhone, you might feel like it’s taking too long to charge your device, however, I have a good news for you. With some simple tricks, you can double the regular rate of charging,

1: Use Airplane Mode During Charging


To fast your charging, put your iPhone in airplane mood, so t will not waste energy on updating, texting, internet usage, or searching for signal.

2: Remove You iPhone Case


Apple advised users to take the case off their phones when charging, explaining that keeping the battery in a room temperature will get you the steadiest results in the long run.

3: Use iPad Charger instead iPhone One


IF you have an iPad charger, you may get 40% extra fast that the iPhone one.

4: Don’t Use USB Port


If you hope a fast charge and long battery life, don’t use your MacBook USB port in charging as much as possible. It is for sure lower than the wall charger.

5:Keep Your iPhone Alone


Try to keep your iPhone alone during charging, as the screen display may eat your charge so fast.


Try those steps and tell us if they really work or not.