5 Ways to Control your Emotions

What Are Emotions?

Emotions are defined as “full-body experience”; the interplay between thoughts and physical sensation.Emotions defer from each other; some emotions are easier to deal with such as joy or happiness. Some emotions are harder such as fear, sadness, frustration, and so on. Some advice is recommended to deal with such emotions;


1: Identify your feelings accurately

When a feeling encounters you, you firstly have to identify what it really is. This process may need some efforts. If you are confused, start with the four basic categories: anxiety, sadness, anger, or happiness.

2: Use “PMR”

Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) helps you become more aware of physical sensations in your body. Firstly, tense each muscle group for five seconds. Secondly, spend the next thirty seconds slowly relaxing them. Imagination may help you to do this.


3: meditate or pray

The aim of meditation is to calm the mind. It improves satisfaction, health, positive emotions, and happiness.On the other hand, it decreases anxiety, stress, and depression.

4: Throw the negative thought away

Write down all of your negative emotions.The physical action of throwing away the paper on which you’ve written the negative emotions can assist with letting it go and give you some relax.


5: Talk to A friend or A professional

Let’s say that hiding your problems will always create more problems. Seek support in good friends, loved ones, relatives, or even a professional therapist or counsel will help you getting rid of those negative emotions and find solutions for them.


What do you relly think of those ways? Did you try anyone of them? Share us your opinion.