55 Hotels Hacks That Will Change Everything You Knew

Love traveling? Wherever you stay during your travels, be it a reservation best luxury beach hotels or a Super 8 motel franchise off the highway – it is guaranteed that there are amazingly brilliant hacks that can immensely elevate your hotel/motel experience

We’ve clawed through the internet/hotel reservation websites and found the treasures and secrets of the best tips, tricks, and hacks to make your stay way more enjoyable than you had ever imagined!

Here are 55 hotel hacks that will completely change your life and make you wish you had used them before!

1) Avoid toiletries drama

Ever found your shampoo/conditioner exploded everywhere in your suitcase when you reach your hotel/motel? I feel you! Well, fret no more! When you are staying at a hotel/motel, use the plastic encasing the cups and bolt them tight underneath the caps of your toiletries bottles. No more leaks!

2) Portable cooler

Source: Reddit

Don’t have a cooler but want to chill by the pool with a cool drink? Next time you’re in your hotel room, use a fresh and clean garbage bad and add some ice into it. Viola! You have made your very own portable cooler! (Always handy to ask the hotel if they permit glass outside the room!)

3) No adapter? Get charged up!

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We know it’s not convenient these days to carry your wall charger around! If you still have your cord, here’s a trick for you! Thanks to technology, the latest TVs tend to have some USB outlets at the side or at the back, where you can insert the charging cable in!

4) Remove that annoying space in your blackout curtains

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Source: Reddit

Ah, sleeping in. Who doesn’t enjoy that, especially in a cushy hotel room? But that annoying gap allowing all that sunlight in during those precious sleep hours? Get rid of it by using those tiny clips on hangers found in the closet to connect those curtains together! Snooze on!

5) Make the motel/hotel smell great again!

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Have you noticed the funky smell of your hotel/motel room? If you drove down, get the car air freshener and put it on the heater or A/C vents in your room. Bye-bye nasty odors!

6) Always have your belongings with you

Source: Reddit

Never forget the important stuff! Sometimes we rush, or we start our journey and realise we have left valuables such as our keys/charger in our hotel rooms. Well, here’s a perfect solution: Start connecting your bunch of keys to the phone charger! You will always have your belongings with you!

7) Coffee mug speaker

Source: Reddit

Forgot your speakers at home? Don’t fret! You can still enjoy some great music while you are at you are travelling! Be innovate with your hotel coffee mug and use it as a makeshift speaker! Place your phone inside of it and dance to the beats!

8) Clean toothbrush? Sure!

Source: Reddit

Either we left our toothbrush holders at home or we simply cannot trust the bathroom counters at hotels/motels we are staying at to be clean. Even though we do want to assume all hotels are at its cleanest, we sometimes do want to ensure intimates like our toothbrush remains clean at all times! Create an opening at the base of a cup, presumably a paper cup, invert it and put your toothbrush in through the hole!


9) File your nails

Source: Reddit

Some hotels provide with vanity kits which includes a nail file. If you ever land up in situation where you can’t find a nail file but have an uneven nail, simply request the hotel for a box of matches! File your nails with the area where you’d normally use to strike the match. Off you go with smooth nails!


10) Smooth breakfast butter

Source: Twitter

Oh hotel breakfasts! I am sure we all look forward to that. Many hotels offer a free breakfast, but the butter provided is often rock-hard! How can we spread that? Solution: While toasting your bread, place some packets of butter atop the toaster to enjoy a smooth buttery experience.


11) Get free water from the gym

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Hotel gyms often provide free water from their water dispensers. You’ll save some money by not purchasing water bottles along your journey if you ensure you fill up your water bottle prior to your departure from the hotel.

12) Want a “nightstand”? Create one

Want a nightstand but the room does not have it? Easy! Utilise the folds found on your fitted sheets to make a tiny pocket for your precious belongings such as your handphone, spectacles, wallet or whatever you’d like to keep close.

13) Hold that door open

Hotels/motels are made to have really heavy doors which shut the moment you may accidentally have left them open. This can be especially annoying when you want to bring your loads of luggage into the room. Hold that door open through the help of a hanger! Align it onto the top lock to prevent it from shutting.

14) Did not carry your charger? Fret not!


Ah the drama! If not the adapter, it is the entire phone charger! Don’t worry, ask reception if they may have a spare one you could borrow for a couple of hours. Hotels/motels nowadays may have an extra one to lend you, if you have left yours behind!

15) Enjoy the mini-bar without paying

Want that delicious chocolate sitting in the mini bar but think it costs way too much? Keep away from the ridiculous costs by easily replacing them with the same things from a nearby convenience or bottle shop! (which by the way, are so much more affordable!) (Caution: Many of the newer hotels have a pressure plat installed in their mini-bar which can detect if you have removed something out of the fridge)


16) Stay clean!

If you dislike germs, then the last thing you would want to do is touch anything that has been around for a while, like a remote control! Warp the remote in a plastic ice bucket bag that has been provided to you by the hotel/motel.

17) Putting that towel to good use

Is the hallway noisy or has light creeping into the hotel room? Use your towel to block out the light and sounds by tucking it in at the opening of the door at the bottom. It won’t be a hundred percent block, but it would reduce the disturbance significantly!

18) Keep drinks and food cold without a mini fridge

Need a fridge and the mini-bar is full? Make your DIY-cooler by placing ice inside the sink. Ensure the drain is open for the melting ice to leave.


19) Multipurpose cards

Some hotels/motels need you to place the keycard in a designated slot to keep the power in your room running. Simply use any card in the slot while you’re away in order to keep the electricity running! You don’t need to leave your keycard behind to return to a comfortable cool room if you want you’re A/C on whilst you are out.


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