55 Hotels Hacks That Will Change Everything You Knew

20) Juice coffee cup

Continental breakfasts at hotels provide tiny juice cups which tempt you to return to the juice machine repeatedly to get a refill. Avoid that drama by using larger coffee cup for the juice instead!

21) Cook ramen noodles

Life on the road means grabbing food that is easy and convenient. Whip up some ramen noodles by using hot water from a coffee machine. Those little pots will create the perfect amount of water you’ll need.


22) Need a humidifier?

Feeling that the room has dry air? No problem! Make your own humidifier to add moisture into the air by running a towel through hot water. Cover it over the luggage holder and bring it near the fan. Ah, enjoy the fresh air!

23) Want to watch your favorite TV shows?

We got an exclusive tip from Travel Zoo, telling us this: “Can’t wait to see your favorite shows? Stream shows to the hotel TV. If you don’t already own a Chromecast (or similar device), it might be worth it just for this — as long as the hotel room has Wi-Fi and the TV has an HDMI input, you can easily stream shows from your phone, tablet, or laptop. This is also handy for work trips — if your small screen isn’t cutting it, you can enlarge your work via the wireless streaming device!”

24) Want a steamer? Use the shower!

Have a wrinkled outfit in your luggage that needs some steaming? Steam it in the shower by hanging your outfit closest to the shower as you possibly can, ensuring it does not get wet of course! Turn the heat up high and let the steam from the heat fill the room. The wrinkles in your outfit will release within minutes!

25) Alternatively, use the hair dryer

If you can’t steam your outfit in the shower for some reason, you can always utilise the hair dryer available in the hotel and “iron” your outfit. Use medium heat and go up and down your outfit, with a fairly close contact between the two items. The wrinkles will iron out within minutes.

26) Keep your room safe for children

Keeping the environment safe for children is always a priority, and some hotels do childproof their items ahead of time if you inform them. However, sometimes this may not be the case. If this is so, keep some duct tape with you. Use the duct tape to drape and seal outlets, lose cords and along with some cloth, tape up hazardous places such as sharp corners.

27) Reusing ice bucket bags

Some hotels have a pool and that is real good fun! However, when it is time to leave, your swimsuit might not be entirely dry! Fret not! Place the semi-dry swimsuit in the icebucket bag to prevent the other items in your luggage from getting wet!

28) Shower cap powers!

Save your leftover food! Use a shower cap and place it over the plate of leftovers. That way, you can put it in the fridge and save it for consumption later!

29) Versatile conditioner

Almost every hotel/motel provides conditioners. But did you know that you can do more than just moisturise your hair with it? Conditioner can be used as a cream for cuticles, shaving and it can even be used to remove make up! What an amazing product!

30) Try to leave a tip – it is powerful!

Approach the front office staff with your credit card and a $20 note and simply ask for the availability of a “complimentary upgrade”. Wait and see the magic happen!


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