6 Reasons Why You Should Always Book A Window Seat

There are lots of reasons to ask for a window seat every single time you are on a plane.Typically, the world is really different from the plane and you shouldn’t miss this;

1: For The Sunrise & Sunset


It is amazing to see sunset and sunrise from the window of the plane, It would be more beautiful than if you were on the land.

2: For Endless Sea of Clouds

A color-enhanced version of a picture of clouds taken from an Airbus A320 flying over the midwestern United States.

You can watch an endless sea of clouds as you never can see them from the land or you can see clouds like cotton balls.

3: For Cities from above


Actually, nothing can beat seeing the beautiful cities from above. In addition, lights of the nights in different cities make them pieces of art.

4: For a final goodbye


Booking a window seat make you able to have a final goodbye to the place you have just left.

5:  For some different natural sights


You can see a storm from a far place, rivers, mountains, oceans, seas, and so on from a very different position.

6: For Your Relaxation


You can lean on the window if you want to sleep. In addition, you never have to get up for someone else.