7 Phrases Men Hate To Hear From Their Wives

If you love your husband and don’t actually want to lose him, you would better to stay away as much as possible from using some phrases he surely hates. Those phrases may seem very normal for you, however, they are going to effect your husband badly;



  • Don’t use phrases show that you are not sure that you will be together for the rest of your lives, such as ” I’m not sure that we are going to be together forever, but if so I would like to renew the furniture.”
  • Don’t ask him about his life in case of you’re dead like ” who would you choose to be your girl? “



  • Don’t try to get him mad by saying ” this man is so handsome” even if he is really handsome!
  • Don’t try to prove that his mom and sister don’t like you.
  • Don’t use the phrase ” I really do everything by myself” and try to say instead ” you don’t we share……”


  • Don’t laugh at him with your friends and try to simplify  this by saying ” It’s really funny…”
  • Don’t try to convince him that he has bad friends, even if he really has, don’t be so direct to face him that he cannot choose good friends.


If you are a man tell us if that is true or not? and what else do you hate to hear?  , If you are a woman share us what do you think, too.