7 Reasons Analyze Why Your Kid Hates Going To School

Are you suffering from your non-stop attempts to convince your kid that school is a good place to be in everyday? I know this seems so tiring and boring for you and even for your kid. So I will show you why your kid hates going to school and you should focus on these problems, trying to find a solution or at least reduce the pressure on your kid because of them.

1:Being Bullied

It is a real catastrophe for a kid or even an adult to be bullied. This behavior makes your kid not only hate the school, but also may causes him psychological harm for a long lifetime. You should protect your kid from these words like ugly, whore, fat, slut , bitch (…etc) by learning him how to defend himself against such insults, enhancing his self esteem, and also you may have to communicate with the school’s administration to find quick solutions.

2: Too Much Homework

Parents and Kids both are suffering from too much homework after a long studying day for the kid and a long working day for his parent. Unfortunately this problem has no radical solution, however you may can control it by some wisdom;

  • First of all, you should be relax, as your tension automatically will move to your kid, He will not be able to focus, as simply his focus will be on you and his aim will be just to get rid of your tense mood.
  • Be sure that your kid is not hungry or sleepy before he start doing homework.
  • He may can not solve all the given home work because he missed some explanation or confused about some matters. It is not a big deal to tell him to ask his teacher to repeat it again for him.


3: Getting up in Very Early Morning

You should be very understanding for this point, as you where a kid and this matter is really annoying for you before. Being patient is your only key to handle this matter.Your kid should sleep at least 9 hours to be able to start a new active day. If he cried in the morning ,try to calm him down asserting that after coming back he can sleep again and give him much love and support even he is still crying. Don’t ever lose your temper.

4: Exams

When you hear that you have an exam even in an interview, you will be stressed and worry. Thus, for sure the sentence ” You are going to have an exam tomorrow” is able to increase tension rate for almost all kids. You can low this rate by stimulating your child that he can do well in the exam and you are going to be satisfied when doing his best in studying, whatever the degrees will be. This will low pressure on your kid for sure and make relax and able to focus on his studying.


5: Low motivation

Of course motivation from home, teachers, friends, and school has a great effect on your kid. It is highly related to his feeling towards his  entire life generally and his school as a part. Motivation also depend on very simple details, for example kids like teachers to call them by name and this very simple thing is considered a great motivation. Thus, you as a parent and a teacher have to pay attention to motivation and you will touch a quick difference.

6: Boring Teachers

” Boring Teachers” are teachers with very poor sense of renewing and creativity. Using the very traditional ways of teaching makes things come harder. A teacher should read, discover, and apply the new methods of teaching, using various ‘techniques ” visual, auto, games,…etc” to make it easier for his students. He should take the responsibility of attracting his students and keeping his sessions far from being boring. Therefore, you have to be sure that your kid’s teachers are not the kind of boring ones.


7: Hard circumstances

You may give less attention to the geographical and climatic circumstances surrounding your kid’s school, but really this can make very notable difference. If the school is not well designed to have a fair ventilation, if it is very hot or cold, if it has not good places for exercising and playing, this will affect the students badly.In addition, If the school is very far from your home and it is too hard to reach there because of crowded traffic or tough roads, all of these are enough reasons for your kid to hate his school.


If you found answers and practical solutions for your daily problem with your children, please tell us. Share us your opinion about the article, if you agree with it or not.