Useful Features of Your Smartphone That You Don’t Use – Best Performance Smartphone

Truth be told, modern cell phones are among the top most innovative inventions the world has discovered in the last century. Be it inexpensive or the most costly, everyone needs a cell phone these days as they offer a plethora of functions. Among such, they allow you to reach people even at the other end of the world, send messages to family and friends in a beat, and surf the World Wide Web. But such is hardly a complete list of what our most favorite handheld device is actually capable of. Only a best performance smartphone has the following list of multi-function settings, and perhaps you can add even more uses.

The following are some clever tricks that you probably didn’t know you could do with your smartphone. We found and tested these seven functionalities that work on almost any smartphone there is whether you are using a cheap mobile phone or the most expensive cell phone.

15. Test Your Remote Control Batteries Quickly

Source: Itspaulkelly via Flickr

Is your remote control low on batteries? It is possible to easily check to discover that by directing your remote at your smartphone’s front-facing camera and push any button on the remote. If you find an infrared light displaying on the screen, then it means that your remote batteries are pretty much alive.

14. Take Easier Photos Using Your Earbuds

Source: Cgc via Flickr

In case you still are not able to get the ideal photo, try connecting the earbuds. Next, just push the volume buttons on the cord so that you can take a quick photo with no need of pressing a single thing on the mobile phone itself. Finally, this tip would make selfies much simpler and faster.


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