What Can Others Eyes Tell You About Them?

Eyes Movements can tell you a lot about people and for sure can tell people a lot about you. From such movements you can know if the speaker is a liar, imagining, remembering, feeling, or having an inner conversation;


 1. Upper Left “Visual Memory”, This is a familiar position for those the visual learners. When someone’s eyes looking to the upper left, this is a sign that he is accessing an image of something from the past.

2. Upper Right “Visual Construction”, When people lie, they will look up and to the right in this direction as they fabricate mental images.


3. Lateral Right – Sound Construction, If someone tries to remember something, his eyes might look to his lateral right. This direction indicates that he tries to remember something from his memory.

4. Lateral Left “Sound Memory”, If someone is lying creating a conversation, he will look to his lateral left.

5. Lower Left “Inner Dialogue”, This area refers that the person is deeply having an internal debate.

6. Lower Right “Feeling”, This eye movement indicates remembering a feeling. Try to close your eyes and remember any feeling, you will find it automatically on the lower right.

Generally, eyes are rarely held static in one position. Else, you should trace the repeated movements of the speaker and of course, you will get something!Do you Find this article useful? Share us your opinion, Please.