A Cat Vs A Dog, Which Is The Best For You?

First of all, you should know that studies showed that pet owners have lower levels of cholesterol, lower blood pressure and are less likely to suffer from stress, depression and anxiety. Thus, your decision to own a pet whatever it is a cat or a dog or any other pet is awesome. Choosing between a dog and a cat can be a tough decision. Generally, dogs require more time, attention and money, but they are much more social than cats. On the other hand, cats, seem more independent, easier to care for, and usually cost loss.  Most people already have a sense of which animal they prefer, may be because they had a certain kind of pet when they were young, or simply it may be a general sense, however when it comes to choosing between the two, your choice should be based on some factories which exceed your sense. These factories can be summarized in some points show the positive sides and negative sides of each animal.


1: Dogs


Positive Sides
  • Dogs also perform many roles, such as watchdogs.
  • Dogs make many people feel safer.
  • Dogs are considered the best “house alarms” one can own.
  • If you’re an active person and like going out or you have a garden and you’d like to be there, a dog may be the right choice for you.
  • Dogs can easily trained to take leashes.
Negative sides
  • If you are used to be late home, someone will need to take care of the dog. Almost everyday dogs need to be walked.
  • Dogs need more care, so if you choose to get a dog, you’ll also need to set aside time to train and groom them.
  • On Your vacations or business trips, you will need to find someone to host your dog.
  • Dogs tend to cost more and the coast depend on the kind of your dog and its feeding style.
2: Cats


Positive Sides
  • Cats are more independent, they can be left alone for longer periods of time.
  • Cats don’t have to go outside to go to the bathroom, but their litter box needs to be scooped every day.
  • Cats need play time, but the effort is less taxing on you.
  • Cats do enjoy social interactions.
Negative sides
  • Cats don’t make alarms.
  •  Few cats will take to a leash unless training is begun at an early age.
  • Cats have an innate need to please you. If a cat learns a trick, it’s because she wants to.
  • It needs regular grooming.

Finally, If you still confused and cannot take the decision as you like them both, you can keep them both in your house. They will live  in peace together if you tried to create a harmony between them.