Are You Interested In MacBook 2016? Come Here

If you heard about MacBook 2016, so you must heard about beautiful, super thin, and lightweight, with a Retina display and a new kind of trackpad. However, although the updated MacBook has a higher performance and battery life into a wonderfully thin and light design, It still not the best thing Apple can present,




1: Design

The most obvious change from last year’s MacBook to this year’s MackBook is in rose gold, so you can easily distinguish it from any other MackBook. It really looks like an ipad when you fold it up and hold it with its unique reflective Apple logo showing. Actually, New MacBook is considered a marvelous piece of hardware, in just 0.5 inches thick and 12-inch long.


2: Awesome Display And Touchpad

The laptop has a resolution of 2304 x 1440 pixels exceeding MacBook Air’s low-res 1400 x 900 panel. It is so sharp and colorful with a magical touchpad.


3: performance

The biggest changes to the 2016 MacBook are its internal components, which include a 6th-generation Core M processor, 8GB of RAM and faster flash storage (256GB or 512GB). You have your choice of a 1.1-GHz Core m3 or 1.2-GHz Core m5 CPU, and we tested the latter chip.

4: Battery Life

Apple promises up to 10 hours of battery life on the new MacBook when surfing the web before being needed to be charged.



1: Still One-Port Problem

The  problem of lone USB Type-C port is still facing Apple users . If you want to plug in the laptop’s power cable and attach an external display or another device, such as the iPhone, at the same time, you have to connect the USB-C Digital AV which coast ($79).


2: A Low Resolution 480p camera

A laptop coasts $1,299 shouldn’t never have such a low-resolution 480p camera.