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    It’s not lost on me how incredibly fortunate I am to have grown up in a home filled with and passionate about good food. With both my parents hailing from the Middle East I was blessed to know and eat ‘real food’ on a daily basis. When I close my eyes and remember my childhood […] More

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    Creative Ideas for Decorating a Hallway

    The hallway is an area of the home that is generally used to hang framed photos, but a walkway really is not the best location to display photographs or pictures of any kind, especially when it is narrow. It is best to stand back to see pictures or photos, and unless they are displayed at […] More

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    Three Things I’ve Never Experienced Outside Australia

    Since I’ve arrived in Australia, I’ve noticed that, although the country is much like my home in the States, some extreme differences do, happily, exist. Here’s three biggies. The illegality of transporting food, plants and animals across state lines – When I flew to Australia, the customary do not bring certain foods off the plane spiel […] More

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    Five Travel Mistakes I Always Make

    Practice and experience always lead us down the shining path of eventual perfection, right? Maybe for you. Apparently I can repeat some tasks multiple times throughout many years and learn nothing. This makes me feel great about myself. In the travel arena I have come to realize – actually, accept – that I am deeply […] More

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    Five Lifestyle Shifts, Cultural Variations and Comical Quirks in the UAE

    I’ve only been in Sharjah, UAE for two weeks but am quickly growing accustomed to major lifestyle shifts, cultural variations and comical quirks. Here’s five aspects of life I’ve adjusted to already in the UAE. Venturing Outside Only At Night – The heat here is phantasmagorically intense. Venturing outside during the day is an exercise in […] More

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    Interesting Facts about the Siamese cat  

    All Siamese cats of today can trace their lineage back to the original cats shipped in from the exotic lands of Thailand (known as Siam, once upon a time). You will discover that the first recorded Siamese cat to reach Western shores was given the moniker “Siam” taken from the name of the land from […] More

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    Martial Arts Fosters Self-Discipline

    Danger comes in several forms, and worst of all, it lurks around in every corner. Only sometimes, does it take the form of an armed stranger. More commonly, you can find it disguised as pervasive temptations or the ubiquitous peer pressure. One puff of smoke, one shot of tequila, one dose of the popular drug […] More

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    Keep calm and be confident in yourself with martial arts training

    Self-confidence is a derivative of your self-worth. That is, your self-confidence increases (or decreases) based on how high (or low) you assert your own worth. Now self-worth is very closely related to your self-esteem, which in turn, is a function of the difference between your self-image and ideal self. That is, the difference between how […] More

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