Best 5 Cuisines Around The World

You may try some different food from your country in any restaurant, however, still the original cuisines have its own and unique test. So If you have a chance for traveling, you should know about the country’s cuisines. Actually, if you have the chance to visit on of the following countries, don’t hesitate as they have the best cuisine in the world.

1: Italian Cuisine



Italy has almost the most popular cuisine in the world including pizza, spaghetti, Noodles of varying shapes, and pasta. Cheese is an important element in the Italian cuisine.In addition, Coffee particularly espresso is a significant item in the Italian cuisine.

2: Japanese Cuisine

When Mentioning Japanese cuisine, we should mention the very popular sushi. Japanese food is so healthy as it depends on vegetables and lean meat. Another popular Japanese food is the red bean paste.

3: French Cuisine


The french cuisine is typically the icon of flavors and delicate. Some of its elements are lavender,olive oil, honey, and garlic.Its is famous for Hot chocolate, pasta, and yogurt.

4: Spanish cuisine


It is very tasty to try Sausages, stewed cod bean tortilla, tomato bread from Spanish cuisine, actually, you would find them awesome. Some of the most popular Spanish ingredients are; Rice, Spinach, eggplants, peach, lemon, almonds and orange.

5:Lebanese cuisine


Lebanese cuisine is very special as it holds the spirit of the East. It is very famous with lemon juice taste.Olive oil and garlic are the major ingredients used in the Lebanese cuisine.

So which cuisine do you prefer?