It’s a bizarre thing, really. My mind is saying that it’s time to wind down the year, it’s time to shut down the ideas bank and let them sit in there until 2014 is good and ready. But my heart, oh my heart is saying something totally different.

When your heart calls you:

My heart is talking to me alot lately. Or perhaps I’m just listening more. Either way, it wants to be heard.

Instead of enjoying calm during my meditation sessions I am experiencing bursts of clarity and creative connection. Like little electrical sparks that I can’t quite completely grasp hold of – they sizzle for the briefest of moments, just enough for my eyes to widen in delight, just long enough for the idea to show itself before it retreats to the far corners of my mind again.

I see little visions of new things I want to create – mostly within my business – and my initial reaction is try and hold onto these visions and run with them.

The more I try, the harder it is to see the vision clearly. It’s as though my heart knows better, it knows that now is not the time to act, but just to let these little seedlings be. They will grow and show themselves off on their own, which ultimately will be the perfect time.

For now, I’m catching each of these visions, ideas, creative sparks and dreams and keeping them for the moment.

When your ego wants to take over:

The hardest thing about this desire to create (and act on the ideas that drop in!) is in holding back my ego from taking over.

I can sense it has itchy feet, eager to dive in and take over. Not from good intentions either. It is simply trying to build me up and force situations that could potentially gain me recognition or appreciation.

‘Quick, let’s get this project off the ground. It’ll be awesome. Everyone will love it. In fact, everyone will love you!”

Better still, when I hush my ego and say ‘No, not now’… it retaliates with a put down ‘Oh, sure, do nothing now, which means you’ll probably never do it. Or even worse someone else will do it better!’

Our ego – that little sneaky saboteur with very misguided intentions – is always looking to play the game of building you up or tearing you down. The thing is, I never used to be able to see this game for what it really is – I often TRUSTED in that ego voice. If it told me to do something, out of fear that I would never do it at all or that someone else might, well then I often listened! Despite the feeling that would be saying ‘NOT NOW!’ The result? A half baked idea that never got off the ground anyway.

Inspiration doesn’t always mean action

If the feeling calls you to create immediately – to act on an inspiring idea – then that’s what you do. But I’ve noticed, for me at least and many of my clients, that often, inspiration doesn’t equal immediate action.

Sometimes it’s the fear of getting left behind or a need for external approval and recognition that drives our actions. Often, inspiration comes from love. Which means that ultimately, we take the next step forward from that same space of love, When you plant a seed into the ground you know that with loving water, sun and time it will grow. You don’t plant it then get down on your hands and knees and yell at it to ‘grow, dammit grow!’ Futile much? A little controlling, maybe?

Let yourself FEEL the inspiration. Let yourself DREAM big. Let the Inspiration flow through you. But, if the way forward doesn’t present itself straight away, that doesn’t mean it won’t, it just means not now. Give it space and the inspiration will light the way. Catch your dreams, keep them close to you. They will be set free when the time is right.

Plant the seeds

Personally, this has been the approach I’ve taken recently.

  • I have a book handy for ideas or I use my Evernote app.
  • As and when a golden nugget shines in my mind’s eye I scribble it down.
  • I take a few breaths, pen poised over paper (or finger over touchscreen) and give the moment space… if another idea bubble pops up, I add to it. If not, book closed (or phone off). And there it will stay, until another golden nuggets shows itself.

It’s both exhilarating, exciting and little uncertain. But you know me, I’m all about getting comfortable with uncertainty!

As 2019 show itself on the horizon, don’t let the pressure of a ‘new year’ take over… but stay open to dreaming big and being inspired. You don’t have to create anything, unless you want to…but maybe, just maybe, you will do big things if you let it grow by getting out of your own way!


Your turn: Tell me, what dreams and ideas and creative sparks are setting off within you? Are you ready to set them free or do you feel to catch them and hold them for a little longer?

Share below!

Love + light,