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    Martial Arts Fosters Self-Discipline

    Danger comes in several forms, and worst of all, it lurks around in every corner. Only sometimes, does it take the form of an armed stranger. More commonly, you can find it disguised as pervasive temptations or the ubiquitous peer pressure. One puff of smoke, one shot of tequila, one dose of the popular drug […] More

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    Keep calm and be confident in yourself with martial arts training

    Self-confidence is a derivative of your self-worth. That is, your self-confidence increases (or decreases) based on how high (or low) you assert your own worth. Now self-worth is very closely related to your self-esteem, which in turn, is a function of the difference between your self-image and ideal self. That is, the difference between how […] More

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    A Boost in Self-Confidence that Lasts a Lifetime

    “Believe in yourself.” “Be confident!” These are easily, two of the most frequently handed out pieces of advice ever. Not without good reason. Self-confidence is without doubt, the first requisite to accomplishing anything great. Self-confidence is the first requisite to accomplishing anything worthwhile. It is what makes things happen. And what’s especially noteworthy about self-confidence […] More

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    The Most Harmful Sleeping Habit Ever

    There are sleeping  positions that may give you a better night’s rest.If you’re a stomach sleeper, unfortunately, you are not getting the best possible night of rest. Sleeping on your stomach can reduce snoring and is not comfortable to your back and neck. Thus, stomach sleepers always have a poor and discomfort sleep.    Sleeping on your […] More

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    5 Health Benefits Push You Eating Dark Chocolate

    Many People think that the word” Chocolate” holds a lot of harmful and unhealthy meanings, I’m surprising you it is not, especially when we speak about dark ones. This article is presenting five proven scientific and healthy facts about dark chocolate. 1: It is full of antioxidants that may protect you from heart disease A study […] More