Creative Ideas for Decorating a Hallway

The hallway is an area of the home that is generally used to hang framed photos, but a walkway really is not the best location to display photographs or pictures of any kind, especially when it is narrow. It is best to stand back to see pictures or photos, and unless they are displayed at the end of a hallway, or unless the passage is exceptionally wide, viewing artwork or photos from an ideal distance is not possible. Instead of using a narrow hallway as an art gallery or photo display, consider the following creative ideas for decorating a narrow area. Your narrow passageway will look more expansive and more stylish than ever before.


Begin with Paint


A dark passageway looks as if it is closing in, especially if that dark area is narrow. If your hallway is painted in a dark or bold color, lighten it up with a fresh coat of primer and a lighter, brighter color of your choice. This will open up a narrow hallway while making it light, more cheerful, and larger in appearance. Dark or bolder colors are fine for larger areas, but a narrow passageway should be painted in lighter colors that compliment existing nearby furnishings and décor.


A Hall of Mirrors


Mirrors are a fantastic choice when decorating a narrow hallway. Mirrors add size and dimension to any small area, and a beautiful framed wall mirror is especially impressive. Consider hanging a wall mirror in a location that is visible through a doorway or at the end of a narrow hall. It will reflect light while naturally making the hallway appear larger. Best of all it will provide an extra place to do a little primping.


Metal Wall Art


High-quality metal wall art adds three-dimensional appeal to a narrow hallway. Unlike framed photos or framed artwork, metal wall art will be noticed from every angle and every direction. Consider hanging attractive metal wall art of appropriate style and size above a beautiful framed mirror. A formerly ordinary hallway will have a focal point that will definitely gain many compliments. Metal wall art is available in countless sizes, styles, and price ranges to meet every decorating budget.


Update Lighting


If hallway lighting is outdated or insufficient, update existing lighting with fixtures that provide more luminosity. Consider choosing fixtures that can be outfitted with energy-saving bulbs that will provide more light using less energy than standard incandescent light bulbs. Adding more light to a dark narrow hallway will make it look and feel wider than ever, and with attractive updated fixtures and other creative decorating ideas, it will become a stylish area of your home.