Discover 5 Amazing Ways to Overcome Procrastination

As many as 1 in 5 adults may suffer from chronic procrastination, It is a very important issue to be discussed. Fortunately, there are some techniques help you to overcome procrastination. Let’s go;

1. Start Easy and Be Realistic


Firstly, starting is hard, thus you shouldn’t make it harder by starting with complicated issues. Instead, your start with easy missions will motivate you to do more and more. Secondly, you might assume that to beat procrastination you need to be strict with yourself, but that’s not what science says. Unfortunately, this will never help you to move on. Put a realistic plan for your day without overloading yourself with things you know that you are finally not going to do.

2. Use Money Trick


It is a simple way to do, but try not to use it in long terms as it builds dependence on external incentives. Find someone who you trust, and give him/her an amount money that hurts with instructions not to return it to you until a particular task is done. In fact, the danger of losing your money is more than enough to motivate you to take action.

 3. Phone A Friend


If you need help, you can get one from a positive and active friend. If you talked to someone for 10-15 minutes, you will be refreshed and well warmed up.In fact, talking to other people imbues us with a special something that helps make us more productive.

4. Try the 5-Minute Trick



In this method, you convince yourself that you are going to work only 5 minutes, and you can leave what you do if you feel bored even if you didn’t finish yet. You will probably get involved in the work and when the 5 minutes end you will want to complete what you started. Otherwise, you may finish your five minutes without completing the mission, that’s okay take a rest and come back for another 5 minutes and so on. It will turn so easy.

5. Creative Procrastination


This Method depends on spinning around the issue that you procrastinate; to find the supporting tasks, things that could get in the way, things that you really should do but haven’t gotten around to (yet) and do those instead.


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