Discover 5 Dangers of Social Media

Social media can be useful sometimes, but many other times it can be harmful and has very dangerous effects on you and your family, and even your social relationships. Some of the dangerous effects can be summarized in the following points;


1: Unfair Comparison:

When we see other’s accomplishments, we start to compare instead connect. Even though we know that we may not see the full image, we do this as a natural behavior. Thus, it is the time for us to stop comparing ourselves to others, instead of that we should try to think of ourselves and our accomplishments.

2: Publicly Shaming Others

It is a very bad habit which spreads through social media; every single time someone does something embarrassing, someone records it and posts it without a thought seeking attention and interaction.


3: Wasting Time

” Time is valuable”, even if we know this fact, we waste our time on social media. Social media forces us to waste a lot of time with people tracing them and seeking their interaction.

4: Isolation and Poor Connection

Social media is an isolated world inside our world. It’s easy to shut ourselves off from interaction because we believe our interaction online is enough. It’s easy to not see people all day, but rather see them online.


So before you get very involved in social media sites, you have to be aware of such danger. Do you agree with me? We are glad to share us your opinion.