Discover 5 secret Men Like About Women

It is known that beauty has no firm rules, however, some physical features in women make them more attractive than others;

1: Big Eyes & Long Eyelashes


It is said that eyes are the center of beauty. Big eyes with long lashes are very attractive to men and actually take their eyes.

2: Long neck


One of the beauty signs is the tall neck, it expresses feminization.Studies assume that tall neck women are the most beautiful compared with others.

3: long hair


Like fairy tails, women are more attractive when they keep their hairs long. So, for men, the long hair is preferable although it might not preferable for women.

4: fitness


For sure, no one sees beauty in being overweight. Women who practice are more likely to be attractive than others even being not over weighted.

5: natural beauty


One of the shocking facts for women that men prefer natural beauty than makeup or plastic surgery. One day you may find your husband or boyfriend ask you not to put makeup assuming that you seem more beautiful without it.