Discover 7 Ways To React When Insulted

I think it is a common question “how can I react when insulted?”. Learning how to Handle the Insulations will help you to be more confident and relax in those annoying situations.


  1. Gain confidence in the situation by remembering that the matter is not about you but about the person who insults you as he sure feels insecure and this behavior make him fell powerful.
  2. Try to avoid bullies as much as possible, if you are being teased online, for example, block the person who insults you.
  3. If the insulation is violent by the low such as physical abuse or threats, you should tell the police immediately.
  4. Sometimes the best way to react insulations is to ignore them. Ignorance might be effective more than spoken words.
  5. Some other times you can avoid some insulations by reacting with humor.
  6. If your aggressor is someone close to you, try to have a conversation with him/her, informing that this behavior is badly hurting you.
  7. Being more assertive will help you to decrease or even completely stop being insulted, express your real feelings about being teased in a certain matter, that would help you.


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