Find Out 5 Ways to maintain Your Weight

You may fight for losing weight, but you still have a bigger fight for maintaining your weight. This article will help you maintaining your healthy and fit weight,


1. Continuously weigh yourself, research showed that 75% of successful weight losers that keep it off weigh themselves every week.

2. Don’t be overstressed and get enough rest, stress lead you to eat and this will make you far from maintaining your weight.Thus, try to relax and get enough sleep to keep your healthy weight.

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3. Eat healthy food with many fibers and green vegetables.

4. Eat a healthy breakfast, breakfast helps your body to burn fats and lose calories.

5. Exercise even for just 1o minutes every day, no doubt that exercising help your body to stay in the burning mode.


However, If you keep with the same routine daily, you and your body will get bored.As a result,  you’ll be less likely to maintain your current weight.Thus, you should mix up your exercises and healthy food every day.


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