If You Want NOT to Lose Her, Don’t Do this

As a man, you may don’t pay attention to some of your behaviors or reactions which can indeed frustrate the relationship between you and your girl gradually. Thus, here are 5 of the most frustrating behaviors towards all the gender of females;

1: Being A bad Listener


You have to pay attention and listen to every word she says during the conversation even if you are not interested, you should show that you care.

2: Don’t answer Your Phone


if she calls and you don’t pick up she will start to worry. However, she will turn mad if you don’t call back soon.


3: Not Appreciating Her


A woman expects that you would appreciate what she does for you. If you don’t, she will be totally frustrated.

4: Ignoring Her


Don’t try to be busy all the time and not to give her attention when hanging out with your boys, being busy on your phone or with sports and video games, as she definitely doesn’t like this.

As a girl or a boy do you agree with me? What else can frustrate a woman?