Keep calm and be confident in yourself with martial arts training

Self-confidence is a derivative of your self-worth. That is, your self-confidence increases (or decreases) based on how high (or low) you assert your own worth. Now self-worth is very closely related to your self-esteem, which in turn, is a function of the difference between your self-image and ideal self.

That is, the difference between how you think you are, and how you wish you were. The smaller the difference, the more confident you are. Martial arts helps you bridge that gap between self-image and ideal self, improving your self-confidence. With martial arts training you will:

1.      Feel naturally confident – You will feel in control of situations and suffer from less anxiety, panic attacks, guilt and feeling of inadequacy.  

2.      Unlock your full potential – You will find the power to explore new opportunities, take-up responsibilities, make commitments, take calculated risks and get more out of everything you encounter in school, at work, home, socially and on a day to day basis.  

3.      Be calm and enjoy solitude – You will be less affected by criticisms and negative emotions of others because you are assured in your own worth. You will also be able to unlock the power of solitude that people with low self-confidence simply cannot. They break down when left without company for some time. Not you.  

4.      Feel worthy and be loved – Regardless of your financial or social status, you will feel worthy because of the confidence that comes from within. The feeling will reflect in your personality and draw all the right people to you. After all, only when you believe yourself to be worthy of love, will others believe so too!  

Martial arts vs traditional confidence-building exercises  

Compared to other exercises for building self-confidence, which are more focused on changing perceptions about yourself and others, martial arts focuses on getting you close to the ideal self, through rigorous mind, body and soul workouts that improve your performance in all walks of life.  

Martial arts has proven to be stronger, faster and better than traditional exercises in boosting the confidence of individuals. Several researchers have found and published, the positive correlation between martial arts training and higher self-confidence. These include the studies by Duthie, R.B., Hope, L. and Barker, D.G (1978), Konzak and Bourdeau (1984) and Spear (1989).  

Furthermore, Spear found that martial arts training lead military trainees to cultivate higher self-confidence and better group morale, than resistance training, fitness training, obstacle course training and other training routines.