Living in Thailand

I have been living here for 5 years (2010) and I love it. It’s a beautiful country, the people are fantastic and the weather is brilliant. The mistake many farangs make living here is they keep to their own kind and refuse to integrate with Thais, other than their immediate family. I have very few farang friends. I came here to get away from foreigners and to live a simple and quiet life. I have countless Thai friends who are more honest, caring and trustworthy than any farang.

Many farangs I have met or who have Thai wives and I’ve been Facebook friends do nothing but bitch about Thailand. Yes, Thailand has its problems and it is not perfect, but name me one country that is? Thailand and its people have changed me as a person; it has given me a purpose in life I was missing in the UK. Through the experiences Thailand has shared with me, through my wife and all the people I have met, I am now content. I don’t have a big house, a fancy car or wads of money in the bank but I am surrounded by people who love and care for me. It sickens me when I hear farangs complaining that it’s not the same as England/America or wherever. NO! It is not, it’s a different culture and different way of life and a different mentality.

There are not things like punctuality, keeping your word or strict laws being regularly enforced. You are a farang, a guest so adapt and integrate or leave. Your western values hold no sway here; your laws are unenforceable, so get used to it.

In your own home do and live how you like, but outside of your walled complex conform to Thai ways. I have found by asking my wife and friends how I should behave and act helps. I still get it wrong but at least they know I try.

I know of farangs who lock themselves away in their homes and never mix with Thais or very few and they have bad names. They act as though they are kings of their towns and villages and put down the Thais around them. To me they are fucking arseholes. Why live here if you are not going to integrate? Thailand is not unique but it is different, they have no idea of time keeping, there is a thing called ‘Thai Time’ where turning up 30 minutes to an hour late is acceptable, where doing half a job is at least half a job done.

I hear people say, Thailand is dangerous? Thailand is no-more dangerous than London or New York, in fact I would say it’s safer. In Thailand you have a thing called respect and they place high esteem by it. They smile all the time, which makes you feel better, they try and learn from you and try very hard to understand about you, but they don’t like it when you treat them like shit and while you are treating them like shit you are giving those of us who try very hard to understand them a bad name.  

So if you are thinking of living here or do live here and complain ask yourself why the fuck you are here or coming here? If you hate what the Thais do so much why stay?  

If you are coming here on a sex trip then you are an idiot, there is so much more to Thailand than cheap beer and getting laid. I spent 2 years looking at different hotel walls through the bottom of a beer glass in between different bar girls to understand how stupid I was? Although I do not regret what I done because I believe it was a path I had to take and experience, I am so glad I met my wife and discovered the real Thailand. Thailand is like a teacher, you need learn and understand and trust what it tells you, ok! Sometimes it may not tell you the whole truth but it awakens you to life. Thailand is a beautiful country.