Martial Arts Fosters Self-Discipline

Danger comes in several forms, and worst of all, it lurks around in every corner. Only sometimes, does it take the form of an armed stranger. More commonly, you can find it disguised as pervasive temptations or the ubiquitous peer pressure. One puff of smoke, one shot of tequila, one dose of the popular drug other kids on the block are doing or one evening of drunk driving – danger is every wrong decision or choice that has the potential to change life forever in a split second, if not threaten it altogether. So many parents, so many adults have told the story of how one second of their life, they made a dangerous choice and their life was negatively changed forever.  

So how do you deal with this danger? By making the right decisions, yes. What do you teach the younger ones about such dangers? You teach them the importance of making the right decision. Okay fair enough. But how do you ensure loved ones stray clear of danger, even when you’re not around?  

In today’s ever changing world and age, the temptation to make all the wrong decisions can be particularly strong, especially for our youth. The allure of the “forbidden” is strong as it is. Add to it the fact that technology gives most children the assurance of not getting “caught”, and you have all the reasons why mastering self-restraint is an absolute must! Children, youth and adults who lack self-restraint make poor choices. And such choices destroy their life!  

I have in fact seen how families across the world decay because of poor choices made by a family member. The stress, the accelerated aging process, and dividing relationships have torn families apart. As a master in martial arts, I can assure you that you (and the children) will be able to rise above the temptation of making wrong decisions with ease and effectiveness. Martial arts will enhance your level of happiness as well as longevity in life by making you adept in valuable life skills.  

Self-discipline is the one ring to rule them all!  

Yes, that’s right. It is the key to exercising will power, fighting the allure of instant gratification and staying committed to goal-oriented behavior even in the face of strong temptations. Thus, in everyday situations, you need self-discipline for even simple things that impact your life in complex ways.  

  • Not eating that piece of cake
  • Not skipping exercise
  • Switching soda with lemon water
  • Following daily hygiene regiments
  • Driving safe
  • Finishing that chapter you’ve been struggling with
  • Finishing the work report
  • Waking up on your own and get to school
  • Going to work on time
  • Controlling a temper

All of these require intense self-discipline.

Take a moment to think about something you’ve wanted to achieve for a long time now but haven’t been successful so far. Thought? Okay. Next think about the factors that have prevented you from being successful so far. Done? Good. Now picture a new, totally disciplined you. Take the time to truly visualize yourself as you want to see yourself. The power of visualization is yours to control.

You, who has developed the power to stay goal-oriented even when said factors come into play. You, who is strong enough to delay the feeling of gratification for as…

What makes martial arts your best teacher of self-discipline

Discipline is deeply woven in the very fabric of martial arts. Independent of individual types, martial arts as a whole philosophizes discipline, perseverance, confidence and honor. No matter what style you choose to train in, you’ll find the heavy presence of these values in your training. And this is precisely what makes martial arts, the best way of learning discipline.

You (and the children) are taught self-discipline skills to follow at home, work and school, not just in your martial arts class. Further, these skills include lessons on patience, courtesy, humility and honor, such as speaking properly to adults, using peaceful methods (and not karate moves-unless a last resort) for conflict resolution, controlling impulse decision-making urges, being kind even in adverse situations and abiding by other healthy rules of living in today’s world.

Within the martial arts spectrum, straying away from self-discipline results in the loss of earning a belt or other uniformed ranks, which further deepens learners’ commitment to being disciplined through achievements. More martial artists therefore, are able to cultivate self-discipline as a way of life. So can you!