7 Secrets to Have An Awesome Interview

Confusion may encounter you before going to an interview, especially if you are really interested in this job and it’s your dream job. Some hints should be kept in your mind to convince your interviewer that you are the best candidate for this job,


1: Good Preparation


Directly after you get a call setting an appointment for the interview, you should spend your time preparing for the interview, so what kind of preparation do you need? the answer is to

  • log in the site of the organization you will be interviewed in to search for their general aims and read in details about the policy terms.
  • search on the internet about the job description and how the job can fit you.
  • try to find your probable interviewers data on the internet, you may find them on LinkedIn in or FaceBook.
2: Prepare Questions and Answers
  • Pick up your notebook and begin to write down answers to the possible questions you may be asked, train very well in answering them by saying them loudly, may to a friend act as an interviewer,  and measure your self-esteem and comfort during speaking.
  • Write down that least three question about the job that may show you as a highly versed person, and organize them well.
3: Ask A friend With Experience


On your friend zone, you may find different experiences, so ask them what to do, you may get new hints to be away from some common interview mistakes. You also may have an HR friend who can give you some advice you need.

4: Perfectly Dress up

You should pay a great attention to your first impression, that will be of course how you dressed up when going to an important interview. So, you should be dressed in formal style, your hair style should be good, and every single detail concerning your clothing.

5: Be Likable


As we referred in the previous point that you should pay attention to your first impression, you should keep your smile which expresses your comfort and relaxation. In addition, being in a good eye contact, enthusiastic, using your interviewer name will greatly help you in your interview.

6: Don’t Use These Expressions


  • Never tell the interviewer that you need this job in the beginning of the interview, as you simply don’t know exactly what is the job and circumstances surrounding it. You can use this expression after being sure that it is the job you want.
  • Don’t give any negative impression about something saying ” I can’t …”, ” I never did….” , ” I don’t have experience….”, and so on. Instead, you can say ” I learn…. ” , ” I can…. after some practice”, and so on.
7: Take Your Chance

When finishing the interview, the interviewer may ask you when you are ready to start. I advise you to take your complete chance to think and reply after some hours or a day, even if you are completely sure that you can start now. This will show you as a wise man with no random and quick decisions.


I hope that I could help you before going to the interview, Wishing all the best for you.  If you found that article is useful please don’t hesitate to tell us and to share your opinion.