The Top 5 Famous Football Clubs Around The World

Discover the top 5 famous football clubs around the world;


1. Real Madrid, Spain

Real Madrid is considered the most successful football team in the world. It has won 63 trophies including 10 European titles. Real Madrid has 100 million followers on Social Media; 87m facebook, 18m twitter.

2. Bayern München, Germany

Bayern München has been one of the most dominant football clubs in Europe with 40 million followers on Social Media. It is one of the most followed clubs worldwide.

3. Barcelona, Spain 

Barcelona is the most followed sports team on social media with over 100 million followers on combine facebook and twitter. Real Madrid vs Barcelona features 8 times in the top 10 most watched football matches.

4. Juventus, Italy

Juventus is the most successful Italian team and strong force in Europe. It is the only team in Italy with several big name players and steadily became the most followed Italian team worldwide.

5. Atlético Madrid, Spain

Atlético Madrid is Spain’s third most successful club behind Real Madrid and Barcelona.  fourth most successful club /in Spanish football. Recently, It is one of the best and most popular football teams around the world.

Which of those clubs is your favorite? Share us your opinion.