The 7 Weird Jobs around The World

What are the weird jobs you had ever heard about?  Some people around the world are paid for some crazy jobs. Here are seven of the weirdest jobs around the world ever;

1: Chicken Sexer (where ever there are chicken)


A chicken sexer’s job is to identify the gender of a baby chicken male or female.

2: Water Slide Tester


Slide Testers have to check all aspects of safety of the slides he examines.That is because there’s always medical insurance for those who break a bone or two.

3: Professional Pusher  (Japan)


In Japan, there are employees who are paid to push people onto trains.

4: garbage detectives (Germany)


In Germany, there is a job to search other people’s trash to find items that should have been disposed of differently.

5: Duck Master


Some hotels hire employees to take care of the ducks in their ponds and parade them around the grounds.

6: Bed Warmer (United Kingdom)


Some hotels have employees roll around in their beds to warm things up for their guests.

7: Professional Sleeper (Finland)


A Finnish company hired an employee to check the comfort levels of beds.


Do you like those crazy jobs? Which one do you like the most? Share us your opinion.