Top 10 Best Airlines Around The World

If you are a usual traveler, this article may help you to choose the best airline for you to travel. Here are the best 10 airlines ranked on 2016;

10: Lufthansa


The German national airline is Europe’s largest airline which has undergone significant budget. However, its service and overall quality are wonderful. Lufthansa took some prices for Best Transatlantic Airline and Best Airline in Western Europe.

9: Qantas


Qantas took a praise for its strong customer service and in-flight entertainment. Although it suffers financial setbacks in recent years, the quality of Qantas’ service has remained solid.

8: EVA Air


EVA took the prize for the World’s Best Transpacific Airline. This airline is a pioneer of the “premium economy” cabin.

7: Turkish Airlines


Turkish Airlines won awards for Best Airline in Southern Europe, Best Business Class Airline Catering, Best Business Class Lounge Dining, and the Skytrax award for Best Airline in Europe six years in a row.

6: Etihad Airways


Etihad Airways airline, based in The United Arab Emirates,  is famous for its trademark Residence flying apartments as well as its plush first-class and business-class suites. For 2016, it won World’s Best First Class, Best First Class Seat, Best First Class Onboard Catering.

5: All Nippon Airways


ANA, based on Japan, won World’s Best Airport Services and Best Airline Staff Service in Asia. It is famous for cleanliness, service, and safety.

4: Cathay Pacific Airways


Cathay Pacific, based in Hong Kong, won World’s Best Airline Cabin Cleanliness and Best First Class Airline Lounge. Reviewers on Skytrax gave the airline high marks for seat comfort, service quality, and in-flight entertainment.

3: Singapore Airlines


The airline took home the awards for Best Airline in Asia and Best Business Class Airline Seat.It is famous for Personal TVs with plenty of entertainment options and hot towels served before take-off are just some of the economy perks.

2: Qatar Airways


Qatar Airways took home the award for World’s Best Business Class and Best Business Class Airline Lounge. For economy class guests, there are features like smartphone and tablet connectivity to their personal screens.

1: Emirates



Emirates Airlines has taken home Skytrax’s award for Best In-Flight Entertainment 12 years in a row. It is very famous for entertainment system includes a wide selection of video and music options on demand, and even allows for live television and sporting events on its “ice” entertainment system-equipped aircraft.