Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog In The World

Before having a dog, you may like to take a look at the list of the top 10 most dangerous dogs around the world;

10: Pit Bull


Due to its aggressive nature, when compared to other dog breeds, death rates caused by Pitbulls are far higher. Actually, they require extensive training to prevent aggressive outbursts. Many countries around the world have even banned this breed of dog.

9: Rottweiler


Like Pitbulls, Rottweiler needs extensive training as it might be aggressive.These dogs can guard your house really well. In general, Rottweilers are not suitable for family pets.

8: Huskies


well-trained Huskies are very loyal. However, reports say that 15 people have died in the last 20 years because of them.Generally, Huskies are friendly, however, some factors may lead them to aggressive such as improper training, poor socialization, and bad social experiences.

7: German Shepherds


“German Shepherd” can serve you loyal but when it is not treated well, it can be dangerous too. They are very famous for intelligence and power.

6: Alaskan Malamuteskjfosa


Just like other breeds, when they are untrained well, they can turn aggressive. Actually, Alaskan malamutes are slow learners, so you should be patient to train these dog breeds.

5: Doberman Pinschers


The well-known Dobermans can be seen guarding almost everywhere because of their very strong alertness, loyalty, and intelligence. You Should pay attention that although Doberman pinchers serve you faithfully, you still have to train them properly with your leadership. Else, they assume they are the leaders.

4: Bullmastiff



Bullmastiff is famous for its large size which makes it an imposing animal. Training is very important to keep this dog breed obedient. As guard dogs, they have a naturally aggressive temperament.

3: Wolf Hybrid


Many states have made it illegal to own a wolf hybrid. This is because these dogs are often extremely skittish and unpredictable.

2: Great Danes


Great Danes must be trained very well. Else, it will be a rebel. Long walks are necessary for this dog breed.

1: Boxer


“Boxer” are not generally aggressive. Boxers are very intelligent and hard to train. They are very energetic, so try not to misuse their energy.