Top 10 Richest American Presidents

Do you have an idea how much the salary of the president of America is? It’s 400000$ per year. Of course, such a salary can be enough to guarantee luxury life. That seems normal, as an American president is the leader of the most powerful country in the world. Let’s take a look at the top 10 richest American Presidents ever,

 10: John F. Kennedy ($50 Million)


Although Kennedy should own about $1 Billion, he owned just $50 million dollars because he didn’t have a long life to get his inheritance from his father who was very rich. This amount put him in the 10th place.


9: Franklin Roosevelt( $60 million Dollar)


Roosevelt was the longest serving president with 12 years as a president. He guided America through most of World War II. His wife, also came from a wealthy family, so the couple both had very rich backgrounds that combined to establish a high net worth ended with $ 60 million.


8: Bill Clinton ($75 million)


Unlike most of the others in this lest, Clinton did not come from an incredibly affluent family. However, Clinton was given $15 million for writing an autobiography in 2005. Some estimates have placed Clinton and his wife Hilary worth as high as $110 million.

7:Herbert Hoover($75 Million)


Hoover was orphan and he was adopted by his wealthy uncle. Hoover actually made all of his money in the time  when he was working as an executive for a mining organization.

6:Lyndon Johnson ($98 Million)


Johnson accrued his own mass wealth without receiving inheritance from his once wealthy father.


5: James Madison ($101 Million)


In number five comes James Madison, who was the fourth President of the United States. Madison was a slave owner and served as the Secretary of State and then he was elected as a President. After his presidency period, he retied to Montpelier his tobacco plantation.

4:Andrew Jackson ($119 Million)


Andrew Jackson is another president who also owned slaves. Jackson joined the military at a very young age, which is where he made a lot of his personal fortune as he continued to move up the ranks of the new nation’s defense service.His plantation was over 1,000 acres in size and he also owned a few hundred slaves before his death.

3: Theodore Roosevelt($125 Million)


Roosevelt came from a very wealthy family. He owned  an estate that sat on over 200 acres in Long Island, which is one of the most expensive areas of the country.

2:Thomas Jefferson ($212 Million)


Jefferson’s father left him a great deal of fortune and he was one of the founding fathers of America and who made a massive salary while in public office.

1:George Washington($525 Million)


The first president in the history of the United States was the richest president ever. He was the sole operator of Mount Vernon, which was a plantation of more than 8000 acres of prime farmland. In addition to his own wealth, his wife Martha had a wealthy family, too.