Top 15 World’s Awesome Cities Ever

When the matter concerning traveling, confusion clearly appears. Where should you travel? where will be a good place to enjoy and match your mentality?Here are top 25 cities around the world you should visit before you die,


15: Istanbul, Turkey


Istanbul becomes one of the most important touristic attractions nowadays. It is a dynamic city with its unique European and Asian two parts, and thus the existence of both Christianity and Islam.The city is known for its ancient Islamic architecture . You will find delicious food, amazing coffee, and buzzing markets there.


14: Marrakesh, Morocco


Marrakesh is a very popular destination among travelers, as It is specialized with its buzzing markets and colorful bazaars. The city is perfect for anyone who wants to get a taste of the traditional Moroccan life.


13: Paris, France


The city of beauty, fashion, and peace is well known enough with its huge cultural heritage. With Eiffel Tower, Louvre, fashion boutiques , and french meal, you may spend your dream vacation there.


12: Sydney, Australia


For nature lovers, Sydney is for you. The coastline is indented with numerous bays, coves, and islands. Everybody loves to tan at the beautiful golden beaches with special food. All of the residential areas are surrounded by national parks.It is very eventful city too with many artistic and sport events.


11: Cape Town, South Africa


Cape Town has a unique nature makes it one of the best African cities ever. The city is surrounded by miles of ocean and amazing beaches. The Table Mountain and The National Park are remarkable places to visit. It is called the ‘Mother City’.


10: London, England


London is the best example of English classical architecture. In London, you can find an ultimate cocktail of history, art, fashion, food, and heritage. London has many different cultures, traditions, and even languages, as 300 languages are spoken around London.


9: Montreal, Canada


Montreal’s winter is great, where you will see wonderlands of nearby ski resorts and ice hotels. It is the home of festivals and culture, and heritage,with its wonderful pastries.

 8: Bangkok, Thailand



Bangkok is a charming city with 50 districts filled with golden palaces, porcelain inlaid spires, and floating markets and food stalls. Thai cuisine is very popular with its sweet, spicy, sour and salty flavors.

7: Berlin, Germany


 Berlin is full of museums, galleries, operas, guerrilla clubs and snack shacks. The city is famous for unique culture, art, and architecture. You can touch the gradual changing from medieval times to the modern world and from the postwar atmosphere to a peaceful and settled city.

6: Florence, Italy


When we speak about Florence, it typically means the city of history. The beautiful city is the home of the best museums, cathedrals, galleries, squares, and shops. It is suitable for historians and photographers. Tuscan cuisine is unforgettable.

5: Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Dubai has Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and the only seven-star hotel, in addition to having some marvelous artificial islands and some of the best beaches around. Dubai is the icon of the future, as it is ever changing with its shopping malls, extraordinary architecture and delicious restaurants featuring a taste of places from all around the world.

4: Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona is a city of old and new. On one hand, It still has narrow streets and ancient buildings, just as it did centuries ago. On the other hand, many luxurious, modern apartments and hotels are on the shore.The capital of Catalonia could take weeks from your trip, so make sure you pay it a good visit.

3: Miami, USA


Miami is charming city with its marvelous shore. it’s a must to spend time on the beach and walk to see Miami’s colorful Art Decorated architecture.Miami is gorgeous with always on parties city.

2: Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Amsterdam is a cozy city, with artistic treasures. It is famous for its gentle canals , the Anne Frank House, the Red Light District, and houses that date back to the Golden Age.

1: Bali, Indonesia


Simply Bali is an Indonesian paradise in where you can relax your body, enjoy the beach or have a sybaritic spa. On nights, comes the gentle shopping, the unique cuisine and the lovely night events.


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