Top 7 Weird Laws Around The World

In this article, I choose some of the weirdest traditions and laws around the world. Actually, You may not believe some of them;

1: Chewing Gum in Singapore


Do you know that chewing gum in Singapore is illegal? That law was meant to keep the streets and public places clean after being filled with chewing gum sticking to a lot of things like elevators, and subways doors.

2: Jasmine in China


Jasmine flower inspired some Chinese protesters, as what happened before in Tunisia. Thus, the Chinese government banned the flower. In addition, using the word ” jasmine” in the songs or the text messages is also illegal.

3: Western Haircuts in Iran


Iran Tries to keep her people away from looking like Europeans, so the European haircuts such as Mohawks, mullets, spikes, and ponytails are illegal there.

5: Baby Names In Denmark


If you live in Denmark and had a baby there, you have to choose his name from the list of 24,000 names approved by the government. If you want any other name, you have to make a special request and ask for permission.

6: Yellow Clothing In Malaysia


It seems very weird that the yellow clothes in Malaysia are forbidden because it was the color of a group of opposition activists.

7: Driving For Women In Saudi Arabia


Driving for women in Saudi Arabia is illegal. In Fact, Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that prevents women from driving.


What is your opinion about these weird traditions and laws? Share us your opinion.