10 Helpful Ways to Heal After Breaking Up

Breaking up can be a real hard time of a person. It is not a kind of weakness that you feel deeply hurt as studies showed that emotional pain, specifically a heartbreak, stimulates similar parts of your brain as physical pain. Thus, It is going to hurt you, bad. The good news is that this kind of pain will not last forever and very good days are waiting for you after healing. So, How could you heal after breaking up? Read on;


1. Allow Yourself  Grieve

Allowing yourself to grieve is one of the very important steps for healing, so never ignore it. People who don’t let themselves grieve will do nothing but feel more hurt, take much time, and even affect their new relationships. Give yourself tenderness by crying a lot or a few, this depends on your type of sadness mood, tell a trusted friend, write in a journal, pray, and so on. You are not a robot, accept that you can’t program yourself to do what you wish. Simply, your healing is going to start from the time you decide to allow yourself to grieve.

2. Accept The New Facts

The second step may seem hard for you to force yourself to accept that everything is over and there is no way to go back again. Sometimes after breaking up, your brain may want to get rid of sadness and pain, thus all the reasons of breaking up may seem insignificant to you for a while. Thus, if your decision is based on very strong reasons and there is no way to back, you should try to accept that and remember the weakness points of your ex-relationship.

3. Deal With Your Other Feelings

There are some other feelings you may have such as anger, love, hate, regret. In brief, anger may be strong especially if you are the side that dumps the relationship. You may feel that you still in love with this one even if you can never go back or you may feel that you hate this person. You may also feel regret on the time you waste or giving them many other chances before. these feelings you should not fight them and just determine what you really feel exactly.

4. Take Care of Yourself

Some people start self-blaming or punishment after breaking up consciously or unconsciously. Before you do that ask yourself if you want really to lose yourself rather than healing and come back to the life as soon as possible. It is your decision and you have to answer this and take decisions based on being the first person you should take care of.

5. Get Positive Support

Be sure that positive people such as family and friends are surrounding you. Positive companions can help you to move on and heal as fast as possible.Try to avoid endlessly revisiting the past and rehashing old wounds, instead, you can have fun in some way make the first days after breaking up pass peacefully.


6. You Need Some Peaceful solitude

If you find that you need to stay alone, never hesitate to take your own space. You can engage in solo activities or meditation too if you find that will help you. Taking your own space and engaging in such activities will help you to think positively and thus get faster healing.

7. Physical Exercise Will Help You

It is known that any kind of physical exercises can help losing a lot of negative energy. Thus on of the best things to do to involve in any kind of physical exercises such as running, walking, hiking, practice in a gym, and so on.

8.  Time To Cut Off

After breaking up, you sure start to use the options of delete, unfollow, block, and so on. This is pretty good, but you still have to cut them off if you really want to get rid of this relationship forever.So, you should do that too to some other people who have communication with them, or you can ask them not to speak about your Ex in front of you. This Will help you. You should also get rid of all reminders such as presents, text messages to cut it off completely.

9. It Is Time To Forgive

Let’s confess that forgiveness is not concerning the other partner at all, it is for setting you free. Forgiveness is the only feeling that will help you really to feel that you are so fine and this relationship didn’t change you to a bad person, but to better and grown one.

10. It’s Time To Come Back

If you followed all or some of the previous steps, you are more likely to back on your feet again. The final step is as simple as getting back to your life.


Finally, I want to give you an advice from a married person who broke up many times before and now married, there is always a true partner for everyone. You may be a lucky person to meet this partner early before you get hurt, but this is not the normal type of life. Life gives us hard times as good times to grow up and learn. In a certain time, you will find your partner may in the farthest place you expected will be. You should be patient and never give up.


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