5 Weird Facts About The Female Body

Female body differs from the male body. However, some differences seem crazy or weird. Discover 5 of these weird differences in women’s bodies;

1. Women Can Remember More Than Men


It is proved that women’s brains have greater recall and memory than men’s. That explains why they are hard to forget about anything.

2. Women Can Live More Than Men


Generally, you may notice that and this is indeed proved by researchers. Some studies suggest that women are generally more likely to lead a healthier lifestyle. However, some other studies suggest that women’s bodies are naturally better at fighting disease.

3. Women Can Hear With Both Brain Sides


Unlike men, who only listen using the left side of their brain, women listen with both brain sides.

4. Attractiveness Of A Woman’s Child Depends On What She Eats


Ladies, watch out! researchers proved that the attractiveness of a woman’s child is heavily dependent on what she eats during pregnancy.

5. Women Cares About Hugs


If you want a woman to trust you, give her a hug. Researchers proved that women more easily trust a person who hugs them for more than 15 seconds.

Did you find this topic surprising? Did you as a woman know this before? Please, share us your opinion.