10 Information You Should Know Before Being Fond of “Giant Panda”

The huge black and white bears known as  “giant panda” are the rarest and most endanger specie of bears around the world. Humans are still fighting for protecting them from highly extinction  possibilities. Giant pandas are considered to be one of China’s natural unique treasures. Let’s know some important and interesting facts about the giant panda.

1: Sometimes You Have to Use The Full Name of “Giant Panda”

red-and-giant-pandaRed Panda and Giant Panda

Sometimes you have to use the full name of “giant panda” to distinguish it from any other kinds of pandas like “red panda”.

2: Giant Panda Is Classified to The Order “Carnivore”


Although  giant panda feeds almost exclusively on bamboos and leaves , it is classified to be a flesh-eater! It has gut which is covered with a thick layer of mucus to protect against splinters.

3: A Female Giant Panda Usually Gives Birth to Only One Cub


After five months of mating her male, a female giant panda usually gives birth to only one cub. If twin cubs are born in very single times , one of them has a high probability  to die.

4: A Giant Panda Likes Loneliness


A giant panda likes enjoying feeding and resting alone for long periods  of its day. It lies on the ground whenever it needs to rest. However, it is considered to be a clever climber that can reach 4000 meters high to feed on summer season.

5: Hibernating Is Not A Habit of Giant Pandas


Hibernating is a common behavior for many animals, but giant panda does not hibernate. It prefer to stay in caves or hollow trees in extreme cold weather.

6: It Starves to Death 


Giant panda does not migrate and that causes its gradual decline because of the changing of its suitable nature in the mountains of China, actually it starves to death.

7: Protection form Evil Spirits 

imagesThe ancient Chinese thought that the giant pandas’ pelts protect them from evil spirits, thus they hunted them without mercy and caused their decrease. Nowadays hunting giant panda is totally forbidden.

8: Giant Panda in The Wildlife 


Only one thousand of giant pandas live nowadays in the wild. When they feel danger, they take refuges in the nearest trees and climb to be safe from brown bears, wild dogs , and leopards.

9: Six Not Five Fingers on Hands  


A giant panda has six fingers on its hands. These fingers help in the process of cutting hard bamboos to feed itself and also in climbing very high trees.

10: Saving And Surviving Giant Panda 


Scientists cooperate to save giant panda from declining. In China, many sanctuaries have been established with fair spaces to be suitable for giant pandas where they find  a real extra care.